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Vol. 21 No. 2 (2022): Economic Education: Its past, present and future
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Editors of this Issue

Jan Löfström, University of Turku, Finland             

Birgit Weber, University of Cologne, Germany


This issue publishes five articles on economic education and two open calls articles. They cover a range of topics from conceptual debate to empirical analyses. The articles on economic education discuss following topics: the promise and outline of ‘powerful knowledge’ in economic education; the use of scientific economics terminology and its conversion into everyday-language in Swedish secondary level textbooks; the use and limitations of models in economic education; the changes and internal contradictions in economic education in Russia in the 21st century; and the diversity of didactic approaches in teaching globalisation. The two open call articles discuss an instrument for observing communicative quality in the Social Studies classroom; and the ethical problem of teachers obstructing transformational learning in exchanges between refugee-students and non-refugee students on questionable premises of ‘protecting’ the refugee-students.

Published: 2022-06-30
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Liia Vijand
The study investigated how various school subjects can be integrated into archaeology teaching and how this could lead students towards empathy and a more sustainable worldview.
Andreas Eis, Claire Moulin-Doos
Hannu Heikkinen

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