Authors of Issue 2-2007

Helena C. Araujo

Helena C. Araújo is full professor of Sociology of Education at the University of Porto, Faculty of Education and is member of the coordination of 2nd and 3rd cycles, framed by the so-called Bologna Process. She has been also coordinator of the master Education, Citizenship and Gender, 2002-04; 2005-07. She has published widely on girls’ education, women teachers, citizenship, subjectivies and life histories. In English she has published in recent years the following: (2000) “’The Good Citizen’: cultural understandings of citizenship and gender amongst a new generation of teachers” in M. Leicester, C. Modgil & S.Modgil (eds) Politics, Education and Citizenship, London: Falmer Press, 217-231 (co-author); (2000) “Changing Femininity, Changing Concepts in Public and Private Spheres” in European Journal of Women’s Studies, 7, 149-168 (co-author); (2000) “Mothering and citizenship. Educational conflicts in Portugal” in M. Arnot & J.-A. Dillabough (eds,) Challenging Democracy: international perspectives on gender and citizenship, London: Routledge/Falmer Press; (1999) "Pathways and Subjectivities of Portuguese Women Teachers through their Life Histories, 1919-1933, in K. Weiler and S. Middleton (eds.) Telling Women Teachers’ Lives, Buckingham/Philadelphia: Open University, 113-129.


Kenan Çayır

Kenan Çayır is an Assistant Professor of Sociology in the Department of Sociology at Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey. He published several articles on textbooks and human rights education in Turkey. He is the author of Islamic Literature in “Contemporary Turkey: From Epic to Novel, New York: Palgrave-Macmillan”, 2007.



Bernard Crick

Sir Bernard Crick is Professor Emeritus of Politics, London University. Chairman of the advisory committee whose report in 1998 led to citizenship for the first time being added to the national curriculum in England. Then adviser on citizenship the Department for Education, adviser to the Home Office on citizenship requirement for immigrants. Author of “In Defence of Politics, George Orwell: a Life, Essays on Politics and Literature, Essays on Citizenship.” Holder of five honorary degrees.


K. Peter Fritzsche

Prof. Dr. Karl Peter Fritzsche is UNESCO Chairholder in Human Rights Education at the University of Magdeburg since 2001. He received his PhD in Political Science from the University of Frankfurt, was a research Fellow for Human Rights and Prejudice at the Institute for International Textbook Research in Braunschweig and lecturer in Political Science at the University of Frankfurt and Hamburg. He is the speaker of the Research Group "Human Rights" of the German Association for Political Science, chief editor of "POLIS", Journal for Citizenship Education (till 2003) and member of the Board of the Research Committee "Citizenship Education" of German Association for Political Science.



Izabela Grabowska-Lusinska

Dr. Izabela Grabowska-Lusinska is Assistant Professor at Warsaw School of Social Psychology, Institute of Sociology. She is research fellow at Centre of Migration Research at Warsaw University. She is a sociologist and economist. She was educated at the Institute of Sociology, University of Wrocław and Dublin European Institute, University College Dublin. Her main research interests are: international mobility of workers, labour market structures and ‘wider Europe’. She has published on the changes of the international mobility of labour. In 2005 Izabela Grabowska-Lusińska was granted a scholarship by Foundation for Polish Science. In 2000-2004 she was a Press and Public Affairs Officer of the Polish Embassy in Dublin. She is also a member of the Irish Association of Russian and Eastern European Studies in Ireland and associated member of International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion (IMISCOE) network.



İpek Gürkaynak

Prof. Dr. İpek Gürkaynak is the co-director of Gürkaynak Institute for Citizenship, Biga-Çanakkale, Turkey. She is the co-author of several books on citizenship and human rights education in Turkey including Yurttaş Olmak İçin… [To be a Citizen], İstanbul: Umut Vakfı Yayınları, 1998 and Ben İnsanım: İlköğretim için İnsan Hakları Dizisi [I am Human: Human Rights Series for the Primary School] (12 books). Ankara: The British Council, 2002.


Thorsten Hippe

Thorsten Hippe (born 1975) worked as a qualified bank clerk and has studied social science education at Bielefeld University (Germany) afterwards. At the moment, he is research assistant in the sociology faculty there and PhD student at the International Graduate School in Sociology (Bielefeld).



Gonzalo Jover

Gonzalo Jover is Full Professor and Head of the Department of Educational Theory and History at the Complutense University in Madrid. He has been a Visiting Scholar at Boston University (USA) and at Queen’s University (Ontario, Canada) and a Visiting Professor in many European universities under the European Union’s Erasmus mobility program. He has authored or co-authored a number of books, and many articles. His major publications include: Relación educativa y relaciones humanas (Barcelona, 1991); La enseñanza de los derechos humanos (Barcelona, 2001); Education in Europe: Policies and Politics (Dordrecht, 2002), Ética docente (Barcelona, 2003); La escuela de la ciudadanía: educación, ética, y política (Bilbao, 2006). He is co-editor of the international journal Encounters on Education / Encuentros sobre Educación / Rencontres sur l'Éducation



Concepción Naval

Concepción Naval is Professor of Theory of Education and Vice-President of Faculty at the University of Navarra. She received a pre-doctoral scholarship in the Programa de Formación de Personal Investigador of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Sciences, and post-doctoral fellowships from the Fulbright Commission and from Caja Madrid. She has been a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University, Notre Dame University, Boston University and the BIE (UNESCO) in Geneva, and a Visiting Professor at the Panamerican University (Mexico, D.F. and Guadalajara). She is the editor of the journal Estudios sobre Educación. Her research has focused on citizenship education and social participation, the social impact on youth of communications technologies, and educational innovation in higher education.



Anna Radiukiewicz

She received her MA from Collegium Civitas’ Faculty of Sociology (specialized sociology and NGO management) in 2004. She has been a PhD student at Collegium Civitas and the Institute of Political Studies at the Polish Academy of Sciences (ISP PAN) since 2005. Her dissertation is devoted to the civic socialization in the institutions of Polish civil society. She has been a teaching assistant at the faculty of social sciences at the Pultusk Academy of Humanities since 2005. Her ongoing projects include: research into Polish local elites (in co-operation with ISP PAN, since 2005), ‘Faces of Polish conservatism’ (in co-operation with Collegium Civitas). She is also an active member of Polish Sociological Association.



Sibylle Reinhardt

Sybille Reinhardt is born in 1941 and retired since last year. She was a school-teacher from 1968 to1994 in Wuppertal and professor of didactics of social studies at the Martin-Luther-university in Halle-Wittenberg from 1994 to 2006.

E-Mail: sibylle.reinhardt@politik.uni-halle.d


Tulin Sener

Tulin Sener is teaching at Ankara University, Faculty of Educational Sciences, in Ankara, Turkey. Her research interests include participatory research with children and young people, civic engagement of young people, children’s rights and children’s culture. She has been selected as European Knowledge Center on Youth Policy Correspondent for Turkey by Youth Research Partnership between the Council of Europe and European Commission. She is the Editorial Board of THEN Journal. She has been acting in the advisory boards of many participation and civic engagement projects in Turkey and she has been invited for a research project by Berlin Intercultural Research Center for Child, Youth and Adult during 2004-2005 in order to conduct a research on participation of Turkish youth living in Germany.