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3-2018: Pluralist Thinking in Economic and Socioeconomic Education

3-2018: Pluralist Thinking in Economic and Socioeconomic Education

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Reinhold Hedtke

For more than ten years, pluralism in economics and in the education of economists has been a hot issue. This thematic issue of the JSSE addresses phenomena, findings, problems and educa-tional approaches of economic plurality and pluralism in economic research at different levels and in different contexts of the educational system. The Issue focuses on teaching and learning in schools and on teacher education at universities and colleges of teacher training.


Published: 2018-11-05
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(3-2019) European Citizenship Education: Business as Usual or Time for Change?

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Cinzia Albanesi
Mehmet Acikalin, Hamide Kilic
Doris Graß

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Igor Martinache
This article is based on more than 40 interviews with SES teachers and key personalities, on curricula and official reports analyses and on a ten years participating observation in the SES teachers professional association.The text strives to display how the defence of pluralism has become a core issue to SES teachers, as a “mobilized group” as well as in their individual professional practices.
Andreas Eis, Claire Moulin-Doos
Hannu Heikkinen
Dorothee Gronostay

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